Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!!

Eager Hands Jewelery Winner!!!!

Congrats Amy!!! email me your contact info at and I'll get that right out!!!
Thanx to all of you who participated in my giveaway!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What a inspirational weekend!!

Thanx Fiskateer Spring Blog Hop for all the inspiration!! What a fun hop that was and what a great bunch of talented Fiskateers we have!!! Thanx to everyone who hopped by and also thanx for following my tiny blog!!

All this creativity has got me inspired!!! I had craft day yesterday with Michelle and made this LO
The paper is My Minds Eye.

 Alpha stickers are from Creative Memories Rugged line

The punch is Fiskers Apron Lace Boarder.

Hope you all had a great weekend like I did!!! Have a great day!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Fiskateers Spring Blog Hop

Welcome to the Fiskateers Spring Blog Hop. 
You should have come from

If you are hopping into the middle of our blog hop and you are a Fiskateer, you can start here
 If you are thinking a “Fiskawhat?”, you should know that Fiskateers ( is an online community of craftiness (paper crafts, sewing, gardening, etc.) all based around our love and appreciation of Fiskars (think orange-handled scissors to start). There is a blog, gallery, and message board led by four lovely Lead Fiskateers who along with the other Fiskateers are fabulous at getting creativity flowing via chats, challenges, on-line crops, and interviews with other crafty celebrities. If you would like to join in the inspiration of Fiskateers, visit Then, join in the fun at the beginning, for a complete list of blog hop stops.

 We’ll be hopping all weekend , March 24th and 25th to welcome spring!
The blog hop officially ends on Sunday March 25th at 11pm CST.
Some Fiskateers are offering sur-prizes…check their directions carefully to participate.

I am so excited to be a part of this blog hop!!! Thank you for hopped on by!!

I made this layout using 5, count them, 5 Fiskers punches. I'm kinda addicted to punches right now. I used 3 boarder punches, my new tag punch and a small hole punch in the tags. 

Heres one of the tags. I also used one of the boarder punches here too.
This shows the Apron Lace Boarder, Diamond Boarder Punch, and the Tag punch.

Here's the Notebook Boarder Punch

 I really had fun with this layout. Thank you so much for hoppng over to my blog!!

Your next stop is

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I'm thinking it's time for a Giveaway!!! Check out this beautiful jewelery form
Eager Hands designed by my friend Michelle Cox.
Necklace, hair accessory, and earrings.
Here's how to enter:

* Follow my blog and leave me a comment on this post saying you did.
*Go to my facebook page by clicking on the icon to the lower right and "Like" my page. Then, leave a comment on this post saying you did.

Giveaway will be open until 12am midnight on Wednesday March 28th. I'll announce the winner on Thursday morning, March 29th. Good Luck!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pirate Party

Ahoy Me Hartys!!!
Captain Gus turned 5 and requested a gathering o' pirates!!!

What an amazing day!! All the kids had so much fun walking the plank, smacking the pinata, and eating a whole bunch of sugary treats!! With a cake AND cupcakes, it was bound to be a success!!!

My favorite part was by far the cake!!!

A close family friend Leon Morgan made this fabulous cake for Gus and I couldn't have been more touched!!! I seriously cried when I saw it. (I'm a sap!! I cry at the river dance) He went far beyond my expectations with this amazing pirate ship cake!! He SOARED!!!
I had eye patches, a telescope and a mustache for all the kids as they walked in.

I got the walk the plank idea off Pinterest and had my hubby bring home a large plank of wood from work. I painted "Wank The Plank" on it and Chris screwed it onto a couple of blocks of wood & the kids walked the plank for a candy necklace.

My friend Michelle found a Pirate pinata for me and man was I glad!! Gus asked for one and I thought 'Where in the world am I going to find a pirate pinata?!?!" Michelle to the rescue!!

I made cupcakes with the best frosting EVER!! that I found on Pinterest as well. I made the cupcake toppers with my Cricut & my Gypsy :)

 Check out the awesome bunting on the table Michelle made. So cute!!!

 Had to have some Pirate's Booty!!

Michelle also let me borrow her pinwheels and I just added the number 5 and scull and crossbones. I also make some that said "Ahoy", "Aarrr Mateys", and "Danger"

Happy birthday banner I made with the Gypsy and Cricut as well.

Love this shot!! I lined our walkway with balloons. So fun!
I think I had more fun than the kids :)

 Gag real..... Me and my niece Tayler-Linn having fun with the mustaches :) I had to take them away from the kids cuz Gus poked himself in the cheek with it. He's a hazard like his mom!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!

It's like Christmas around here!! I got my Heidi Swapp Suger chic collection yesterday from her Launch Party giveaway.

Isn't it the cutest ever?!?!?! I just watched her Create To Remember episode on My Craft Channel yesterday morning and she used this collection to make the cutest mini book so I think that's what I'll make! I have boys and this is more of a girly collection so I may make 2 books and give them to my nieces for their birthday's.

Here's a link to her show on My Craft Channel

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Green Mountain Grill

We got a new Green Mountain Grill this weekend and can't be more thrilled!!

For anyone who has never heard of Green Mountain Grills, they are pellet grills that make the most amazing food ever!!! We had a Traeger (another pellet grill) for many years but it finally died on us. Chris heard about the Green Mountain Grills and at first I didn't want to betray Traeger cuz I loved mine so much. But, after going to the Sportmans Show, and talking to the guy at the Green Mountain booth, I was sold. I also got online and googled Traeger vs Green Mountain Grills and found that for us, Green Mountain was the way to go. So we did it!!

First thing we cooked was Chicken Thighs and grilled Asparagus. I just seasoned the chicken thighs with salt, pepper, and The Pampered Chef's Jamacian Jerk Rub. Turned to grill onto 450° and waited fot it to heat up (about 15-20 min)

Meanwhile, I put the asparagus in a zip top bag with some soy sauce (as much as you like) and seasoned it with The Pampered Chef Asian Seasoning. Then I put it in the fridge until it was time to put on the grill.

When the grill reached the correct temp, I put it all on.

Now, This grill cooks much hotter than the Traeger we had and I found out the hard way.

Kinda fried the asparagus. Didn't SOAR on this one  ☺

But the thighs turned out great!!! I added BBQ sause at the last minute or two. YUM!!!! I sure missed the flavor of a pellet grilled dinner!!! Can't wait to get some ribs, or a pork butt, or do beer can chicken, or smoke a whole bird ............

Monday, March 12, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

What a pleasant surprise!!! I just received the Liebster Blog Award from the fabulous Casey over at  Casey's Space. Thank You Casey!!! I'm so excited you chose me for this fun award!!

Here is some information about the award:
The origins of the Liebster Blog Award are unclear but "the word translates from German as "darling" or "beloved". It's given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in order to generate some traffic for them.

Here are the guidelines for the Liebster Blog Award

1. Acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2.Give this award to 5 other bloggers, who must have less than 200 followers, and let them know through a comment on their blog.

3. Post the award on your blog

4. Best of all- bask in the glory, have fun, and share the love!

Now, I get to pass this award on to 5 blogs that I think are amazing!  I picked these blogs because I have gotten some kind of inspiration from all of them at some point. Check them out and give them some love. Thanx again Casey!!

1. The Wheelers - Christy Wheeler
2. Sandi - Sandi Lee Scraps
3. Deedee Horton - The Adventures Of Me
4. Aimee Kidd - Every Little Meaning In My Life
5. Amber - Last Yesterday

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sausage-Cauliflower Spaghetti

I got this recipe from the Food Network website. I logged on to get a recipe out of my recipe box and saw it on the home page. I had all but 1 of the ingredients so I printed it out to make the following night and I'm glad I did. It was very good. My cauliflower didn't brown up as much as theirs did and I didn't have the scallions but it was still very delish! Here's a link to the recipe on Food Network

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heidi Swapp!!!

If you live under a rock then you may not know that Heidi Swapp launched her new website today. Well I've had my eye's on the new site all day now (except for a trip to the grocery store) and I have also been stalking her on FB as well!! WELL guess what!!! I won some of her stuff!!!!! She is doing a ton of giveaway's and I won one on FB. Not sure what it'll be yet but I am so jazzed to say the least!!! I just had to share this with you all. And I wanted to share her link as well!!