About Me

Hi everyone!! Glad you came to visit!! Here's a snipit or two of the things that I do

I praise God and thank him for my family everyday
I gasp when I realize I'm in my 40's
I sit at a craft table for hours embellishing all that I can
I drink my coffee in front of my computer watching scrapbook videos on Youtube
I eat chips but not chocolate
I trip and fall over nothing... often
I cook but do not bake (cuz I don't like sweets probably)
I referee my boys all day long cuz my husband works his buns off so I can stay at home, love him!

I have been crafting since I was a kid but it wasn't until 2007 that my obsession with scrapbooking started. I knew I would love scrapbooking and after my first son was born, I had a chance to get started. My sister was headed to a scrapbook weekend and she invited me to go along. I fell in love with preserving my memories in a creative way instead of just sticking them to a sticky board and putting cellophane over them. I enjoyed telling the story of our family and knowing this book would last forever. My boy's love looking at my albums and that is what it's all about to me.

My style is pretty eclectic. It has changed alot since I began scrapbooking and I feel it continues to evolve as the trends change. I love layers and clusters of embellishments. I really like white space too. It's always fun to use the new product that comes out and try new techniques. I'm up for anything creative!!

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