Monday, March 19, 2012

Pirate Party

Ahoy Me Hartys!!!
Captain Gus turned 5 and requested a gathering o' pirates!!!

What an amazing day!! All the kids had so much fun walking the plank, smacking the pinata, and eating a whole bunch of sugary treats!! With a cake AND cupcakes, it was bound to be a success!!!

My favorite part was by far the cake!!!

A close family friend Leon Morgan made this fabulous cake for Gus and I couldn't have been more touched!!! I seriously cried when I saw it. (I'm a sap!! I cry at the river dance) He went far beyond my expectations with this amazing pirate ship cake!! He SOARED!!!
I had eye patches, a telescope and a mustache for all the kids as they walked in.

I got the walk the plank idea off Pinterest and had my hubby bring home a large plank of wood from work. I painted "Wank The Plank" on it and Chris screwed it onto a couple of blocks of wood & the kids walked the plank for a candy necklace.

My friend Michelle found a Pirate pinata for me and man was I glad!! Gus asked for one and I thought 'Where in the world am I going to find a pirate pinata?!?!" Michelle to the rescue!!

I made cupcakes with the best frosting EVER!! that I found on Pinterest as well. I made the cupcake toppers with my Cricut & my Gypsy :)

 Check out the awesome bunting on the table Michelle made. So cute!!!

 Had to have some Pirate's Booty!!

Michelle also let me borrow her pinwheels and I just added the number 5 and scull and crossbones. I also make some that said "Ahoy", "Aarrr Mateys", and "Danger"

Happy birthday banner I made with the Gypsy and Cricut as well.

Love this shot!! I lined our walkway with balloons. So fun!
I think I had more fun than the kids :)

 Gag real..... Me and my niece Tayler-Linn having fun with the mustaches :) I had to take them away from the kids cuz Gus poked himself in the cheek with it. He's a hazard like his mom!!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! The cake is fantastic!

  2. Oh my gosh- I LOVE this! The plank especially! So many great ideas.

  3. You posted this party over on My Craft Channel and I had to come check it out. Super cute!! Great job! Thanks for sharing it!