Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pirate Birthday Invites!!

OMG!!! These turned out so fricken cute if I do say so myself!!! I wasn't going to post these until after the party when I post everything else I'm making for it but I had to.

These are Gus' 5th birthday invites. He wants a pirate birthday if you couldn't tell. These were so fun to make and easier than I thought. I did a few test runs with white paper and soaking it in tea but that was an epic fail. Then I remembered I had some brown paper leftover form my wedding invites and just used Distress Ink and dang it if I didn't SOAR!!!! 

First I made the invites on my computer with my Print Master program and printed them 2 to a page. Then trimmed them down to the size I wanted

I used my corner cutter on the edges

Then I roughed up the edges with my scissors cuz I'm too cheap to buy a distress tool  :)

And finally used the pumice stone Distress Ink around the edges. It looks like I burnt the edges huh. LOVE IT!! Gus is pretty happy with them too. Fun Times!!
I'll be putting all the other fun stuff I make for this party so come back and check it out.