Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My NEW Cricut Expression!!!

OMG!!! I finally got it!!! My new Cricut Expression!!!

The hub's was listening after all. Every time I see one of these beautiful machines on sale I tell him and it took awhile but he did it!!! He got it for me!!! He planned on getting it for me for Mother's Day but he got a smokin' deal on it and what do ya know. I GOT IT!!!!! YaHOOOO!!!!!!!!  I just had to share and show you the first things I made with it.

I made these mustaches for Gus' pirate party and they are so dang cute!!! Doesn't he look like the guy from Monopoly?!?! Ha ha!!
I used my Gypsy cuz I'm addicted to it and I love it!!

Made this awhile back on a 6 x 12 mat cuz I had a small Cricut. Than as soon as I got this all registered on Cricut.com, I just went in a changed the mat size. Easy Peasy!!! Hooked the sucker up and away we went!!

So much fun I can't stand it!!! I told Chris that the Cricut might just have to stay out on the table for a bit and he said "Yeah, I figured it'd be out for a couple weeks."  :)