Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Brave & Soar!!

Man What a couple of weeks I've had. My youngest got the flu a week and a half ago and gave it to the rest of us shortly after. He is still hurling at night so not sure what's up there. UGH!!!

I did get to go on a girls trip to the coast though with the best girlfriends in the world!! Much needed! Nothing like hanging with friends that have known you for most of your life. I cherish those times.

I recently signed up for Creative Jump Start Summit through Nathalie Kalbach's blog http://nathaliesstudio.com/  Everyday in January I receive an email that has a link to a video by some very talented ladies about how they find inspiration for their projects. I found out about this from Heidi Swapp's facebook page. So far I am loving it!!! I just watched the video by Donna Downey which made me wonder over to her blog http://donnadowney.typepad.com. LOVE HER!! I watched her Inspiration Wednesday video and just loved her message.  Know who you are, know what you want, be brave. Totally resonated with me. Kinda goes along with my one little word Soar. I need to be brave in order to soar.

I have been so inspired lately to try things that I have always thought I was no good at. This blog for one. I am so not a writer so I thought I could never have a blog. I'm digging art journals lately. Pinning them like crazy. I am by no means an artist but find myself wanting to go get some paints and start painting after watching these inspiration videos. I have always done the same things on my scrapbook pages but am drawn to a totally different style lately.

I've learned through these Jump Start videos that I need to stop being scared of trying something new and stop being scared of making mistakes because it is in our mistakes that we learn. I think that's true for most things in life.

So, I am determined to be BRAVE this year and SOAR in the things I do.

Here is a picture of the art journal page by Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday 1/11/12 blog post.



  1. love the journaling~new follower, i invite you to visit me and become a follower too!! TY!!!

  2. Oh no! This is not my journal. This is from Donna Downey. Her blog addressis right below the pic.