Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It All Started Here

Wow! It's been awhile huh. Summer is so busy for us. Trying to keep my boys busy and out of trouble is a full time job. I have made a few layouts though and wanted to share some.
This is a layout about my sister and my first boy Gus. When Gus was 3 months old, we went on our annual camping trip to the Garlic Festival in Ocean Park Washington with my family. My sister brought a ton of photos and she was rounding all the corners of them trying to get ready for an upcoming scrapbook weekend. I piped up and said "See!! That's what I need to do. Take a whole weekend and make a baby album for Gus." which made Lisa say "Well, why don't you come with me?" and the rest is history.

I have been wanting to scrapbook this photo for a long time now and the Sail kit form Scraptastic Club was perfect for it. I used a sketch form Studio Calico that really show cases my photo.
I really had fun with this layout. Remembering how I started scrapbooking and how much I love this craft.
Thanx for stopping by and enjoy your scraps!!!


  1. Super work with the Simple Stories! Love the strips of paper and overall design. :)

  2. Great use of patterns. The ink splatters are perfect!

    1. Thank You Emily!!! I wasn't real happy with the splatters when I first did it. Isn't is crazy what you pick apart but others might like?!?!?

  3. Fabulous page and great fun to read how it all started for you!!:)

  4. Hi Tracie are you still reachable I cant seem to find u on Facebook or an email address to contact you regarding a mini album you did in 2012. If you could please contact me at Regards