Sunday, March 10, 2013

On A Roll!!

Told ya I caught the bug :)
Made some more cards and just had to share.
(disclaimer - my camera won't charge anymore so I now have to use my phone to take pics)
Here's an Easter card made with the Cosmo Cricket Together line again. I added stitching along the edge. Fun! Who knew I'd like to sew.
I made some glitter tape with my double sided tape. I think it turned out quite pretty for someone who tends to stay away from anything shiny. This was fun though.
Thanx for taking a look. I may make some more soon so come back soon please!


  1. Very pretty cards!
    Love the colors on the first, and all the glitter on the second!

  2. these are adorable!! Beautiful!!!

  3. I like your cards, sorry about that camera

  4. Love the cards!! You did such a great job!! Not surprised one bit ;) :)

  5. Oh I really love the banner on the first.

  6. beautiful projects! visiting you from Janna's class- love your work!