Friday, January 11, 2013

The Calm Before The Storm

Oh my sweet boy. At almost exactly 2 weeks old, he started screaming. And I don't mean a cute little newborn baby scream. I mean a big huge, top of his lungs, high pitched, sharp, blood curdling scream. And it didn't stop. EVER!!! OK maybe the EVER part is an exaggeration but it was bad!!! It wasn't only in the evenings either like all the doctors and books tell you. It got worse in the evenings sure, but he screamed non-stop whenever he was awake.
At about 2 months old I realized it got worse when I ate any dairy (I nursed him BTW). So I cut out all dairy and started giving him probiotics once or twice a day. That all helped a bit but he still screamed A LOT!! Oh... to look back and remember is crazy. It was so hard but what got me through it all was that I just kept telling myself that this is just a season in his life and it WILL get better. I prayed a lot for strength and patients and God helped. At 8 months I gave up nursing all together and started him on non-dairy formula. Again it helped but he was just a screamer. Even now at 2 years old, he screams whenever he's mad, especially at his brother. :) And it's still very high pitched and loud!!!
Here is a layout of how sweet and beautiful he was while he slept cuz that's the only time he didnt' scream.

This is the Creative Memories Rugged paper and embellishments.
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  1. Great story and love the double LO!!!

  2. I love it! The story and the beautiful job you do at scrapbooking! Gorgeous! !!